Susan Tullington & Bonnie Ferris

What our clients are saying

Selling a home and property requires two elements: a creative approach in staging a home and

knowledge of the legal process. Bonnie brings expertise in the staging department. She

prepares the home and property to become an inviting and alluring property for potential

buyers. Susan knows the ins and outs of the legal process. She is very responsible about

keeping clients informed of the dates regarding the meeting of deadlines for contractual


Throughout the entire process we contacted Bonnie and Susan many times via telephone and

email and we always received a return response quickly. No question was unimportant to

them, they always responded to us respectfully and with accurate information.

Bonnie and Susan’s diligence paid off for us when we received multiple contracts after our

property had been on the market for only four days! This is clear evidence of exactly how

professional this sister realtor team truly is. We highly recommend them to sell your property.

~Ed and Janice Kiehl Former Virginia Residents

Bonnie and Susan always were pleasant, up-beat, helpful ( oh so helpful ) and on top of everything - every detail throughout the whole process of selling our home & buying our new house. They go totally out of their way, think outside the box and even helped us move out of our house and into another. They know their business!

~Ioanna and Ozzie Vallespir

I want everyone to know that Ferris & Tullington are the most professional real estate agents in the business. This is why I am so bullish:

  1. They will spend money for staging a home and property and they are experts.
  2. My property was high end country property and it required special advertising and marketing. They spared no expense.
  3. They are great communicators with a client and go into great detail in explaining contracts and services.
  4. They will get your property sold on a timely basis, relative to the market and location and will get the best price.

And they are really nice people, which is so important when a client is selling a property where there maybe an emotional attachment.

- Lynn S.